1. Create your brush Make sure Size is not over 250x100
Here I have Used My Kit Designer Copyright as and Example 
 It is best to use a Pixel font 
The fonts I like Best are found at
For small Brush 
PF Tempesta Five Condensed 

Text size 8
anti alias OFF 
width set at 0
For Large Brush 
PF Tempesta Seven Condensed   
Text size set at 9
anti alias OFF 
width set at 0

2. Once you have Text set like you want it 
Merge all layers
Selections/Select All  
See ants (line dashes)

3. Now Select your Brush on your Tool bar

3. Click on the Brush Selections Arrow 
Now you will click on the small brush icon with lines around it
In bottom Right Corner. A window will pop up

4. Now you Name your Brush 
Click Ok  
You have saved the Brush 
or Copyright you just Made
To use in the future when needed. 

5. Now your brush is saved for adding to all future images 
For stores who have different artist

I add a copyright on its on layer never merge it you may have to move it 

Select your text tool and set your settings 
Type out the store address the convert to raster layer
Type out your License number convert to Layer 
Now merge the store address layer and your License Layer
Close the merged Layer 
 continue to add each of your other stores in this manner
When finished adding Your stores
Save The Image in psp or psd format 
Name it Store Brushes 
Next time you need to add anew artist brush.
 You just pull this up Open the correct store
then Type your Artist name  
Then I just Copy/merged 
Paste as new layer 
When closing out this image do not save changes.